CBD and Cancer: How RxCannaCare saved my life

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The following article includes excerpts from a personal story shared by RxCannaCare ambassador Meghan Koziel. Please read the full post here!


That little green leaf, it changed my life forever. Let me explain though. First off, I have never smoked a thing in my life. Never a cigarette, never a cigar, never even a real hookah… and I surely have never smoked that little green leaf. Call it weed, call it marijuana, call it pot, maryjane, or hash… I just never saw the need to dive into this little world of green.

Living in Pennsylvania my whole life, cannabis had always been illegal to my understanding. Sure, I’ve had friends that played around with this little plant in high school and probably even college, however It was never something I ever felt the urge to be around personally. I have always been the girl to “follow the rules”. Growing up I rarely got into trouble for actions other than being a brat. I never drank underage, never really partied… call me boring but it just wasn’t my thing. My parents had it easy with me at least;).

When I received the news of my initial breast cancer diagnosis in 2015 and facing the true fact that I did indeed have breast cancer at only 26 years young, there was never a thought to cross my mind that I wouldn’t be doing traditional treatment including chemo, surgery, and radiation. I get asked all the time, why I chose the treatment regimen I did… and truthfully, it’s because research has shown that the poison I had injected into my veins, the lasers that I had shot through my chest, and the multiple surgeries I had to remove my lovely lady lumps… have proven through research of modern medicine to save lives! The downside to these life saving treatments are the side effects because they make you the most sick. As the chemo or radiation rays are killing the evil cancer cells that have invaded your body, the good cells are also being slaughter in a battle of the body. That is where lies the problem and reality of a patient going through cancer.

Alopecia, weight loss, steroid induced weight gain, joint pain and discomfort, neuropathy, lymphedema, anxiety, sleep issues, nausea, vomiting and vitamin deficiencies are only a “few” of the side effects that these “life saving” treatments produce. So, in my mind… if I did research and utilize nontraditional treatments with traditional measures, I would have a better chance at fighting the side effects and ultimately winning my battle against cancer, right?

So, you’re probably wondering “okay but why did she start this talking about the little green leaf and now your running a rampage. Well, back in October 2015 when I first received my “you have cancer” call, my middle sister Samii had an agenda of her own. Living in California and having a medical marijuana card for her own use, one of her initial instincts was that I had to smoke pot. Plain and simple the topic was brought up and I immediately shot it down. One, I’ve never been into “smoking”, I have asthma, to me it’s not “cool” and the unknown of a “high” is scary to me. Being that medical marijuana at the time was still illegal in PA, the whole idea was just another headache and I couldn’t deal with her flight of thoughts as I had to worry about potentially dying.

My Introduction to Twompson and Rx Canna Care

With appointment after appointment and finally getting a plan in place, myself and my family prepared for my battle. However, my persistent middle sister just wouldn’t drop the subject. She made a few calls and reached out to her friend and Master grower of over 15 years Twompson. I truly don’t even know what to say about such an incredible man because he truly saved my life! Around that time, Twompson was simply growing cannabis in California. His beautiful sister Alyxis actually suffers from eczema and psoriasis and around the same time in 2015 was begging him to come up with some sort of balm that would help her major outbreak and stop the spread of her skin condition from worsening on her face.
Twompson being skilled in his trade and always fascinated by science, began his own research into the medicinal practices of extracting the purest form of CBD and incorporating it into a cream (now known as Canna Cream). Around that exact time was when I was entering my cancer battle. To tell you the truth, back in 2015 and still to this day… not much research exists on CBD. But, in my mind… what did I have to lose, I already had cancer! So, Twompson so graciously mailed me the purest for of CBD oil to begin prior to chemo… and I utilized his magical potion throughout my entire cancer journey.

It has also been found that high amounts of CBD (aka only found through whole flower not hemp) have been shown to activate something known as the 5-HT1A serotonin receptor, which actually has an anti-depressant effect on the body! Why I want to mention this, is because this same receptor is also involved in processes including pain, appetite, nausea and anxiety, sleep, and addiction. Hello! That’s why CBD is the perfect supplement for people going through a cancer journey! Aren’t all of those things side effects to traditional treatments!!! Do you see where I’m going with all this?

Then there is this little bit of information. CBD has been found to actually block something known as CPR55 signaling, which actually decreases bone re-absorption and cancer cell proliferation. WOOLAH, I’m pretty sure I just found the cure to freakin cancer through a GOOGLE SEARCH! Okay, well not exactly but… I could be on to something here…
Basically thats why CBD has whole body effects! The way I explain it is, CBD helps our body, help itself! And that is the honest truth!

My use of RxCannaCare during my treatment:

Around that time in 2015, I was a 26 year old friend of Twompson’s and was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. He provided me with his CBD in a tincture of oil which I used orally throughout my 12 rounds of intensive chemotherapy. To my and my families surprise, I never threw up, had an appetite, never had a drop in blood cell counts. For me, the taste of the oil he initially provided me was smokey and I would gag with its sublingual administration. However the new tinctures hardly have a taste at all! Perfect for anyone going through chemo when your senses are all over the place!

Back when I was using the oil and could hardly stand the taste, my mom actually placed the oil into a capsule for me to swallow without bearing the flavor. However now looking back and knowing what I do about CBD and your body, taking oil in a pill form is decreasing your overall dosage of the compound. The whole point of the pill is to get it into your stomach, however inside your stomach is stomach acid which breaks down the pill first. Basically, instead of the compound being absorbed straight into your blood stream, it’s hitting your stomach acid, therefore, you may need more of a dosage than if you take it under your tongue. That’s why RX Canna Care has the perfect tincture eliminating the taste and providing purest CBD!

I also used RxCanna Care products throughout all of my scare and radiation treatment for skin protection and healing! I’ve explained how the whole idea of the canna creams came from Twompsons sister Alyxis who suffered from psoriasis. Well, around that time that he whipped up his cream formula was the same time I would be having my port, mastectomy, and starting radiation. I looked at his all organic formula and compared it to the recommended aquaphor and coco butter as referred by my radiation oncologist. I chose to take a risk and use only canna creams during my recovery and to our surprise, my healing is beautiful! My prof scar and radiation cuts are already lightened and only 1-1/2 years old!

The biggest benefit I found was baring my skin during 30 rounds of radiation. Choosing to use a product that really didn’t have any research was risky, but I believed whole heartedly in the formula. To my and my doctor’s surprise, I had amazing results! I say it all the time, Canna Cosmetics not only saved my skin… but RxCannaCare saved my life! I never burned through full chest radiation! I would apply the cream about 4 times a day and where ever the cream touched, I found that I was protected! I sort of performed my own research study because it turned out that my doctor never told me to coat my chest, armpit and back being that radiation shoots through your chest and out your back. Well, surprise surprise, I didn’t apply the cream to my back, and that was the only place I burnt! Like, that’s incredible!

Plain and simple, anyone going through a cancer journey should at minimum be on a CBD regimen. If you are able and willing to use THC all power to you… however because of its psychoactive effects, this simply is not feasible for many people. I am a living testimony that CBD works! I did not have a full response to chemotherapy because I did not get he suggested 16 rounds (I only received 12) because of severe allergic reactions however once my mastectomy was completed I got clear margins and after 30 rounds of radiation, I was deemed cancer free! Now I am NOWHERE saying that CBD cures cancer, however, I’m sure with more research one day we may see a link between cannabis and all its compounds affecting the cure! I am however saying that CBD will help your body help itself heal and fight the side effects of traditional treatments.

RxCanna Care is a company that has the purest form of CBD without THC on the market and utilizes all organic ingredients in any of its creams, lotions, or skin care items. They hold the greatest integrity in manufacturing their own items, and everything is overseen by the owner Twompson. He will even answer any questions or concerns directly, he’s incredibly intelligent and literally saved my life!


Please read the full post here!

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About Meghan Koziel (She Sparkles On):

Meghan has fascinated her audience through her unique and explicit story-telling of her journey. Her story has been shared across the world and broadcasted through social media outlets including instagram, facebook, self.com, dailymail.uk, Broadly through Vice Media, and amongst numerous reposts throughout the social media community.

Today, Meghan is moving past her treatments for cancer and is ready to transition into bringing her mission to “Sparkle On” to life. “Normally people come up with little slogans when they’re diagnosed, and I really wanted my slogan to not be personal to me, but for other girls to use it in my same situation”. To “Sparkle On” means that even in your most challenging days, the days where your bald, have dark circles, and skin hurts so badly you can hardly move, you will not feel pretty on the outside but you will always have that inner sparkle inside your heart that makes shine!” Always #sparkleon.

Meghan Koziel was diagnosed with stage 2b (ER/PR+, HER2 -) breast cancer on October 12, 2015 at 26 years young. She underwent IVF for egg retrieval, chemotherapy, a double mastectomy with lymph node dissection, radiation therapy, and breast reconstruction. During the day, she is a pediatric Occupational Therapist in a school for children with severe autism, and at night she is an accomplished blogger, social media advocate, and youtube guru. With her strong presence on social media, Meghan has also had the opportunity to work with countless brands. You can follow her personal journey on instagram @megokoziel or her blog www.shesparkleson.com.

**This blog post is in no way recommending only using CBD as a treatment for cancer, it is not saying that CBD is the cure for cancer. All recommendations should be cleared by your physician prior to supplementing with CBD and any vitamin for that matter!

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